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Breast Lift - Mastopexy


A Mastopexy is an operation performed to raise and re-contour sagging breasts.  Prior to surgery, measurements are made to determine the skin incisions that will be used and the optimum location for the nipple.  Most often the operations results in an inverted T-shaped scar which extends downward from the nipple and then sideways from the center of the chest beneath the breast fold.  The mastopexy operation always requires scars to be placed on the breast although in certain cases these scars can be minimalized.  Your Plastic Surgeon will recommend the type of mastopexy requiring the fewest scars to achieve your desired result.


There are three different types of Mastopexy scars:

Peri-areolar – This breast lift involves minimal incisions made only around the areolar or nipple of the breast.


Lolly-Pop – This breast lift involves modest incisions around the areolar along with an addition scar extending down from the nipple to the crease of the breast.


Full Mastopexy – This breast lift involves the same incisions as the lolly-pop lift as well as an additional incision under the breast that extends along the breast crease.



In many cases, your Plastic Surgeon may recommend the placement of a saline or silicone breast implant to help you achieve your desired aesthetic result.  In many breast lift cases, the actual surgical lift of the breast results in a decrease in size, often indicating the placement of an implant to retain fullness.


















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