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Aging of the brow or forehead can leave a person with a tired appearance suggested by drooping of the eyebrows.  As the eyebrow becomes lower the upper eyelid skin also becomes lax and hooded, further accentuating the fatigued appearance.  The sensation of heaviness in the eyelids may lead one to unconsciously raise the eyebrow with the forehead muscles, thus furthering the aged appearance by producing a wrinkled forehead.  Thickening of the eyebrow muscles may give a more masculine appearance and, in some extreme cases, a stern or angry expression may be interpreted though the patient is neither.  These subtle changes may occur independently or along with other evidences of facial aging.


Marked improvement can result from lifting the forehead to rejuvenate the tired appearing face, while relaxing the thick muscles to soften the stern or angry frown lines.  A brow lift may be done independently or in conjunction with another facial procedure such as a facelift or eyelid surgery to achieve the desired result.  Incisions may be hidden behind the hairline or disguised at the hairline, eyebrow, or in a crease in the forehead. 


Significant advances in treatment of forehead wrinkling and muscular thickening using fiber-optic technology allow improvement with minimal scarring and discomforts.  The endoscopic forehead lift is performed through very small incisions hidden behind the hairline.


Forehead lifting procedures are done in the operating room usually on an outpatient basis. 


Brow Lift Recovery


Swelling is a normal process after brow surgery and may extend to the eyelids, frequently causing them to close.  Elevation of the head and application of an ice compress will aid in the reduction of swelling.  You may also experience some discoloration about the face and eyes following a brow lift.  This discoloration usually lasts 7-14 days.  After about seven to ten days, you should be able to wear make-up and disguise any residual discoloration.


Pain is seldom a problem after brow lift.  Most patients complain of having a headache.  Should severe pain occur you should contact your physician.


Brow Lift Cost


Brow lift is a cosmetic procedure which is usually not covered by health insurance.  However, in certain extreme cases of brow ptosis causing visual field obstruction, some insurance plans may cover it as medically necessary.  Please refer to your health insurance benefits booklet for more information.  In order to seek insurance coverage, your eye doctor will need to perform certain visual field tests to determine if you are experiencing visual problems.  If these tests clearly indicate visual field obstruction attributed to brow ptosis or eyelid hooding, then your plastic surgeon will need a copy of the test to submit along with their request for surgery pre-authorization from your health insurance company.




































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