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Most of us, with aging, develop an excess amount of skin, lax muscles and excess fat below the chin.  This accumulation may give the appearance of a double chin.  Double chins may be lessened by a procedure known as a submental lipectomy.  When muscle tightening is accompanied by fat removal and neck skin tightening the procedure is referred to as a neck lift.  The neck lift may be performed by itself or in conjunction with other facial procedures. 


The Procedure

The incisions for neck lift may vary depending on the exact procedure recommended by your plastic surgeon.  If the condition is extreme consisting of bands of loose skin extending from the chin to the base of the neck, the incisions may involve those similar to a face lift.  Otherwise, the only required incisions may be minimal located under the crease of your chin.  Submental Lipectomy or Neck Lifts are usually performed on an outpatient basis and can be performed under general or local anesthesia.


Neck Lift Recovery

Recovery will depend on the exact procedure recommended by your plastic surgeon.  Most patients are able to get back to their regular activities in 7-10 days.  Swelling, bruising, and skin discoloration should be expected with this procedure.  You may experience a tightness of the neck area on the first post-operative day due to the surgical dressing and swelling, but most likely due from the surgical tightening of the muscles in that area if indicated.  If you believe your swelling is more than to be expected contact your plastic surgeon.


Neck Lift Cost

This procedure is considered to be cosmetic and not medically necessary.  Therefore, it is not a covered procedure by health insurance companies.  Please refer to your health insurance benefits booklet for more information regarding your specific coverage and benefits.   The cost for this procedure will vary according to the exact neck lift procedure you will need to achieve your desired result. 





















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