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Rhinoplasty is the medical term that describes the operation used to improve nasal breathing and, in most instances, to improve the appearance of the nose.  The operation is performed through carefully placed incisions inside the nose to remove or reshape any excess or mal-positioned cartilage or bone, resulting in improved breathing through the nostrils.  Rhinoplasties are that are done to improve the “function” of the nose is called a Septoplasty and may be covered by your health insurance policy.  If an improvement in the appearance of the nose is also desired, this clearly is not covered by insurance and will require a fee not reimbursed by your insurance carrier.


Your Plastic Surgeon will carefully consider any external alteration of your nose appearance, and they will explain in detail the operative plan for your particular nose and face.  Creating a pleasing and attractive nasal contour that goes with your facial features and allows you to breathe will should be the goal for your Rhinoplasty.


Who is a Candidate for Rhinoplasty?


The timing of nasal and septal surgery is dependent upon the “maturity” of the nose and facial skeleton.  The trends across the country are toward earlier rather than later surgery.  In general, Rhinoplasty surgery can be indicated dependent upon facial growth and development of adolescent patients has stabilized (approximately 14 years old for girls and 16 years old for boys). 


At the other end of our age spectrum, facial rejuvenation of the nose can be achieved by addresses an enlargement and drooping of the nasal tip as one of the tell-tale signs of facial aging.  Elevation of the nasal tip is often offered by Plastic Surgeons as an adjunctive procedure during facial rejuvenation.  There is no upward limit to the age at which nasal surgery can be done, assuming overall good health.


















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